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7 Skies H3: How to Experience The Flaming Lips' Longest and Most Ambitious Song

7 Skies H3: A 24-Hour Song by The Flaming Lips

If you are a fan of experimental rock and psychedelic music, you may have heard of 7 Skies H3, a 24-hour-long song by the American band The Flaming Lips. This song is not only one of the longest songs ever recorded, but also one of the most unique and ambitious musical projects ever undertaken. In this article, we will explore what 7 Skies H3 is, how to download it, and what to expect from listening to it.

What is 7 Skies H3 and why is it so special?

7 Skies H3 is a single, continuous song that lasts for 24 hours. It was composed and recorded by The Flaming Lips in 2011, as part of their series of experimental releases that year. The song was inspired by the idea of creating a soundtrack for a hypothetical road trip across America, as well as by the band's fascination with time, space, and death.

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The concept and the creation of the song

The Flaming Lips are known for their unconventional and adventurous musical experiments, such as releasing four albums that are meant to be played simultaneously (Zaireeka), or collaborating with various artists on a tribute album to Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon. In 2011, they decided to take their creativity to a new level by creating a 24-hour-long song.

The band members, led by singer Wayne Coyne, spent several months in their studio in Oklahoma, improvising and recording different sections of the song. They used various instruments, such as guitars, keyboards, drums, harps, gongs, bells, and horns, as well as electronic sounds and effects. They also incorporated vocals, samples, noises, and spoken word segments. The result was a sprawling sonic collage that spanned multiple genres and styles, from ambient to noise rock, from psychedelic to post-rock.

The limited edition release and the streaming website

The Flaming Lips originally released 7 Skies H3 on October 31, 2011, as a Halloween special. They made only 13 copies of the song, each one contained in a flash drive that was embedded in a real human skull. The skulls were sourced from a company that sells human bones for medical research. Each skull cost $5,000 and was sold through the band's website.

The band also set up a dedicated website where they streamed the song on an endless loop. The website featured a clock that showed the current time and position of the song, as well as a psychedelic animation that changed according to the music. The website was active until December 2012.

How to download 7 Skies H3 in different formats and versions

If you missed the chance to buy one of the original skulls or to listen to the streaming website, don't worry. There are other ways to download 7 Skies H3 in different formats and versions.

The full version on a flash drive inside a human skull

If you are feeling adventurous and have some spare cash, you can try to find one of the original skulls on eBay or other online platforms. However, be prepared to pay a hefty price, as these skulls are very rare and sought-after by collectors. For example, one skull was sold for $12,100 in 2014.

If you manage to get your hands on one of these skulls, you will need a computer with a USB port and a compatible media player to access the flash drive and play the song. The flash drive contains the song in a single MP3 file, as well as a PDF file with the lyrics and credits. The song is divided into 12 sections, each one lasting for about two hours.

The condensed version on a vinyl LP for Record Store Day

If you prefer a more conventional and affordable way to listen to 7 Skies H3, you can opt for the condensed version that was released on a vinyl LP for Record Store Day in 2014. This version is a 50-minute edit of the original song, featuring some of the best moments and highlights of the 24-hour-long epic. The LP also includes a digital download code for the full version of the song.

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The LP was pressed in a limited edition of 7,500 copies and sold for $30. It features a colorful and psychedelic cover art by Wayne Coyne himself. The LP is divided into two sides, each one containing six tracks.

The digital version on various platforms and websites

If you are looking for the most convenient and accessible way to download 7 Skies H3, you can choose the digital version that is available on various platforms and websites. You can find the full version of the song on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube, and other online services. You can also download it from the band's official website or from their Bandcamp page.

The digital version of the song is also divided into 12 sections, each one lasting for about two hours. You can download each section individually or as a whole. The digital version also comes with a PDF file with the lyrics and credits.

What to expect from listening to 7 Skies H3

Now that you know how to download 7 Skies H3, you may be wondering what to expect from listening to it. Well, the answer is not simple, as this song is not like any other song you have ever heard. It is a challenging, adventurous, and rewarding musical journey that will take you through different moods, atmospheres, and emotions.

The genres and styles of the song

7 Skies H3 is not a song that can be easily categorized or labeled. It is a mix of various genres and styles, from ambient to noise rock, from psychedelic to post-rock. It is influenced by many artists and bands, such as Brian Eno, Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk, Sonic Youth, Sigur Rós, and more. It is also inspired by many themes and concepts, such as time, space, death, life, love, dreams, and more.

The song is constantly changing and evolving, shifting from calm and soothing passages to loud and chaotic ones, from melodic and catchy tunes to abstract and experimental ones. It is full of surprises and twists, never repeating itself or becoming boring. It is a sonic collage that reflects the band's creativity and vision.

The highlights and features of the song

7 Skies H3 is a song that has many highlights and features that make it unique and memorable. Some of them are:

  • The opening section, which starts with a gentle piano melody that gradually builds up into a majestic orchestral crescendo.

  • The second section, which features a hypnotic guitar riff that loops for over an hour, creating a trance-like state.

  • The fourth section, which introduces vocals for the first time in the song, with Wayne Coyne singing about love and death over a haunting background.

  • The sixth section, which is one of the most noisy and chaotic parts of the song, with distorted guitars, feedbacks, sirens, explosions, and screams.

  • The eighth section, which is one of the most beautiful and peaceful parts of the song, with harps, bells, and chimes, creating a heavenly atmosphere.

  • The tenth section, which features a spoken word segment by Henry Rollins, who recites a poem about the meaning of life and death.

  • The final section, which ends with a reprise of the opening piano melody, bringing the song to a full circle.

The challenges and rewards of listening to the song

7 Skies H3 is not a song that can be easily listened to or enjoyed. It is a song that requires patience, attention, and dedication. It is a song that challenges the listener's perception of time, music, and reality. It is a song that can be boring, frustrating, or exhausting at times, but also fascinating, inspiring, or exhilarating at others.

Listening to 7 Skies H3 can be a rewarding experience for those who are willing to embark on this musical adventure. It can be a way to explore new sounds and sensations, to discover new aspects of oneself and t


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