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What You Need to Know About Truck Simulator: Ultimate Cars - Features, Mods and More

Truck Simulator: Ultimate - A Guide for Beginners

If you have ever dreamed of driving a truck across different countries, delivering various cargoes, and managing your own logistics company, then you might want to check out Truck Simulator: Ultimate. This is the latest driving simulation game from Zuuks Games, a Turkey-based mobile game development veteran that specializes in this genre. In this game, you can experience realistic truck driving, business management, and multiplayer competition in one package.

But before you hit the road, you might want to read this guide first. We will give you some tips, tricks, and strategies on how to start your trucking career, how to drive your truck safely and efficiently, how to manage your business and grow your fleet, how to customize your trucks and offices, and how to have fun and challenge yourself in the game. Whether you are a novice or a veteran trucker, you will surely find something useful in this guide. So buckle up and let's get started!

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What is Truck Simulator: Ultimate?

Truck Simulator: Ultimate is a mobile game that lets you experience the life of a truck driver and a business owner. You can choose from over 32 amazing trucks from official Mercedes-Benz licensed models to other brands like Volvo, Scania, MAN, Renault, and more. You can transport a wide variety of cargo in over 100 cities across the world's leading countries such as the United States, China, Canada, Russia, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Netherlands, Turkey, South Korea, Japan, Brazil, Azerbaijan, and more. You can also establish your own company, hire employees, expand your fleet, and become the world's largest logistics company.

The game features realistic physics, graphics, sound effects, weather conditions, traffic systems, toll roads, gas stations, rest areas, and more. You can also use the DLC mods system to add more features and customization options to your trucks and offices. You can also participate in multiplayer seasons where you can either carry joint cargo or compete in races with other players. The game also has a tycoon element where you have to manage your finances, expenses, profits, contracts, auctions, stocks, and more.

The game is free to download and play on Android devices with Android 7.0 or higher and at least 2GB memory. The game also contains ads and in-app purchases that you can use to enhance your gameplay experience.

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How to Start Your Trucking Career

When you first launch the game, you will be asked to choose your country of origin. This will determine the currency that you will use in the game and the location of your first office. You can change your country later in the game settings if you want.

Next, you will be asked to choose your first truck. You can either buy a new truck or a used truck from the market. New trucks are more expensive but have better performance and durability. Used trucks are cheaper but have lower performance and may require more maintenance. You can also rent a truck if you don't have enough money to buy one. Renting a truck will cost you a certain amount of money per day depending on the model.

After choosing your truck, you will be taken to your office where you can see your company name, logo, balance sheet, statistics, achievements, settings, and more. You can also access the garage where you can see your trucks and employees. You can also buy new trucks or sell old ones from here.

To find jobs for your trucking career, you To find jobs for your trucking career, you can use the job market where you can see the available contracts from different companies. You can filter the jobs by country, city, cargo, distance, payment, and difficulty. You can also see the details of each job such as the origin, destination, cargo weight, delivery time, and reward. You can also see the route map and the estimated fuel consumption for each job.

Once you select a job, you will be taken to the loading area where you can attach your trailer to your truck. You can also see the cargo information and the damage indicator. You have to be careful not to damage your cargo or your truck as this will affect your reputation and income. You can also adjust your mirrors and camera angles from here.

After attaching your trailer, you can start driving your truck to the destination. You have to follow the traffic rules and signs, avoid collisions and accidents, and pay attention to the road conditions and weather. You can also use the GPS system to guide you to your destination. The GPS will show you the distance, time, speed limit, and directions for your route. You can also see the traffic density and road events on the GPS.

When you reach your destination, you have to park your truck and detach your trailer in the designated area. You can choose between easy or hard parking depending on your skill level. Easy parking will show you a green zone where you have to park your truck. Hard parking will not show you any zone and you have to park your truck manually. You can also skip parking if you don't want to do it but this will reduce your reward.

After parking your truck, you will see a summary of your job performance. You will see how much money and experience points you earned, how much fuel you consumed, how much damage you caused, and how many traffic violations you committed. You will also see how your reputation with the company changed based on your performance. You can also rate the job and give feedback to the company.

How to Drive Your Truck Safely and Efficiently

Driving a truck is not as easy as driving a car. You have to consider many factors such as the size, weight, speed, and maneuverability of your truck. You also have to deal with different road situations such as traffic jams, accidents, road works, tolls, etc. Here are some tips on how to drive your truck safely and efficiently:

  • Use the mirrors and cameras to check your surroundings. You have to be aware of what is behind you, beside you, and in front of you at all times. You also have to check your blind spots before changing lanes or turning.

  • Use the indicators and horn to signal your intentions. You have to let other drivers know what you are going to do next. You also have to use the horn to warn other drivers of potential dangers or hazards.

  • Use the brakes wisely. You have to brake gradually and smoothly to avoid skidding or losing control of your truck. You also have to brake early and gently when approaching a curve or a downhill slope.

  • Use the cruise control and speed limiter when possible. These features will help you maintain a constant speed and save fuel. However, you should not use them in busy or complex road situations where you need more control over your truck.

  • Use the low beam headlights at night or in bad weather conditions. This will help you see better and avoid dazzling other drivers. You should also use the high beam headlights when there is no oncoming traffic or when you need more visibility.

  • Use the wipers and defrosters when necessary. These features will help you clear your windshield from rain, snow, fog, or dust. You should also use them when your windshield is foggy or frosty from inside.

  • Use the radio or music player to keep yourself entertained and alert. You can listen to music, news, podcasts, or audiobooks while driving. However, you should not let them distract you from driving or lower your concentration.

How to Manage Your Business and Grow Your Fleet

Besides driving a truck, you also have to mana


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